Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ridiculously Pretty Books

Oh Penguin, why do you do this to me? First you brought back your retro orange, $9.95 Popular Classics. And then came your gorgeously patterned Clothbound Classics. And now, a little late to the party, I see your Clothbound Children's Classics. It's the Holiday season, I have very little money left for myself, but my goodness if I ever wanted any books, those are the ones.


See the rest here.


  1. So gorgeous! I would definitely like to add these to my collection!

  2. I've seen these online a lot and they are so pretty. I plan on reading The Picture of Dorian Gray at some point, so I may get the Penguin Clothbound.

    Maybe when I can afford it, I will start to buy one a month so I can read classics to supplement my reading. Yeah . . . that seems like reason enough ! ;)

  3. Oh gosh. The Robin Hood one is precious. Trees, so many trees!