Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog Awards!

Oh gosh, oh gee, oh jolly jee whizz. This is where things get awkward because thank you so much just doesn't feel like it's enough. It's such a gratifying, moving feeling to know that someone really does read your blog, enjoys it, and even remembers it enough to think of it - and you. So thank you so much, and happy holidays, and just thank you thank you thank you, to Kelly at Radiant Shadows

Part of receiving, and accepting these awards (put on the suit, the reindeer will know what to do) is having to post a few random facts about myself, so here goes: 

  • I have four cats, Oliver, Seth, Simon, and Ronald; they're all ginger. Ronald is Simon's son, I think his namesake is pretty obvious. Simon was named after a character in the British version of Death at a Funeral. 
  • I really love Doctor Who, it's quite possibly my favourite television show. My Alienware laptop, Optimus Who, is half named after the show.
  • The only show stopping Doctor Who being my absolute favourite is Friends. 
  • Of all the flavours, grape will always be my preference. 
  • When I can't decide what to read, sometimes I'll resort to picking a really cheesy thriller novel that I've already read a dozen times. Sixteen Candles (not based on the movie, of course) I'm looking at you. 
  • Speaking of, in a sense, I think I was meant to be a teenager in the 80s. The hair, the clothes, the movies, I love it all. 

My Nominees
Whose blogs are all lovely, and you should really check out if you haven't already.


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